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Re: st: AW: Really basic question

From   Friedrich Huebler <>
Subject   Re: st: AW: Really basic question
Date   Fri, 20 Feb 2009 13:19:38 -0500

I recommend the chapter "Using the Do-file Editor - automating Stata"
in the "Getting started with Stata" manual.


On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 12:51 PM, Martin Weiss <> wrote:
> <>
> Well, several things really. First, type -doedit- and you get a window that
> lets you store a basic text file which you can subsequently -run- by going
> to "Tools- Run". Type, for instance, -sysuse auto, clear- in there and see
> what happens when you -run- that.
> Now you argue that you do know how to operate Stata from the dialog boxes.
> If that is true, then you can simply copy from Stata`s review window via
> right-click and paste into the editor opened via -doedit-. Assemble a few of
> your commands there, and -run- them and see what happens.
> Even easier: Choose your commands that you want in the command file (hold
> down ctrl while selecting so you can select non-contiguous areas of commands
> in the review window), right-click and select "Send to Do-File Editor".
> What I pick up between the lines in your post is that you think a do-file
> must have some "magic" component which makes it a do-file. But it is usually
> no more than a collection of Stata commands, interspersed with comments (add
> "// " to the beginning of a line). when you save it (File-Save as), the file
> extension ".do" is appended, but that is it, really...
> All this advice is assembled in -help contents_programming_dofiles-, BTW. If
> you want examples of professional do-files, try the collections of data that
> come with Stata Press books, for instance
> Finally, let me give you an example so you can get started faster. Copy it
> into the window opened by -doedit- and -run- and see how that works out...
> *******
> sysuse auto, clear
> regress price weight turn rep78
> test _b[turn]==2
> estat hettest
> *******
> I am forwarding this to the list. Feel free to reply to the list, making
> sure that you post as "text-only" along the way...
> Martin
> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Ted Fuller []
> Gesendet: Freitag, 20. Februar 2009 18:19
> An: Martin Weiss
> Betreff: Really basic question
> Martin,
> I have a really basic question.
> I am used to using Stata with dialog boxes, but I think it would be
> useful to use command files.
> For the life of me, I can't figure out how to do that by reading the
> documentation available in the "help"
> EG Help - Contents - Basics - Syntax.
> Actually, I think I could figure out how to write (most of) the
> commands, but I can't figure out where to store them. Then, having
> stored them, I'm not sure how to tell Stata to run just a few lines
> that of code that I have stored.
> Can you give me some pointers?
> Thanks!
> Ted Fuller
> Theodore Fuller
> Department of Sociology (0137)
> Virginia Tech
> Blacksburg, VA 24061
> Phone: 540/231-8969

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