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st: Prediction after censored regression in -gllamm-

From   Eva Poen <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: Prediction after censored regression in -gllamm-
Date   Thu, 19 Feb 2009 11:38:19 +0000


Using -gllamm-, I have fitted a model for censored outcomes with three
nested random effects (subjects are nested in group which are nested
in sessions). I only have random intercepts, not random slopes.

I followed the advice by Sophia Rabe-Hesketh in this post when
setting up my model. My -glamm- command reads

gllamm $yvar $xvars if Matching==1, offset(off) i(SubjectID GroupID
SID) fam(gauss binom) link(ident sprobit)  /*
  */ lv(var) fv(var) from(c) copy adapt

Now I would like to obtain predictions like the ones we can compute
after -tobit- with the ystar(a,b) option, but taking into account the
random effects (BLUPs). My suspicion is that this is not very easy,
since Stata's official -xttobit- only offers ystar(a,b) predictions
where the random effect is assumed to be zero, and I have three random
effects, not one.

I can get the linear prediction, including random effects, via
-gllapred- with the linpred option. Using this, I could obviously
apply the standard formula for the expectation of a truncated normal
distribution, but this sounds a bit too simple in such a complicated

I'd be glad to hear comments about this procedure.

Many thanks,
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