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RE: st: multivariate normal regression with ml, linear form

From   "Carlo Fezzi" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: multivariate normal regression with ml, linear form
Date   Wed, 18 Feb 2009 19:26:02 -0000

Thanks Maarten,

Sound really a good idea! Just a follow up question. I am trying to check what the code does and therefore look into the macro `u_k' to make sure it contains what I want. In this simple case I want it to contain "u1 u2 u3". So I am typing:


scalar u1 = 1
scalar u2 = 5
scalar u3 = -1

local u_k "u1"

forvalues i = 2/3 {
	local u_k "`u_k' u`i'"
	display `u_k'

display `u_k'

Why when I ask Stata to display the macro content inside the loop it works fine but when I ask it just after the loop, Stata does not return any value?

I guess this is probably a naive question from a beginner Stata programmer, sorry!



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Subject: RE: st: multivariate normal regression with ml, linear form

--- Carlo Fezzi wrote:
> I don’t know how to define the args. For example, if it is a bivariate
> equations it would be mu1 mu2 lnsigma1 lnsigma2 r12, but for a 4 or 5
> equations model it would have of course more arguments. I guess it could
> be a function of the global var neq, but I don’t know which is the
> correct way to specify the args.

In -dirifit- (downloadable from SSC) I stored the number of depedent
variables in a global $S_k and the file dirifit_lf.ado started with:

*! MLB 1.0.0 23 Mar 2006 
program dirifit_lf
        version 8.2

        local alpha_k "ln_alpha1"
        forvalues i = 2/$S_k {
                local alpha_k "`alpha_k' ln_alpha`i'"

        args lnf `alpha_k'

Hope this helps,

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