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st: Mata version control

From   Partha Deb <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: Mata version control
Date   Fri, 13 Feb 2009 17:35:08 -0500

Hi all,

I am trying to compile and save a Mata function as a .mo file. I am using Stata 10.1 but would like to compile and save the .mo file as a Stata 9.2 file. My understanding is that this should be possible under version control but I'm not succeeding. Here are the essentials of the .do file I use to create the function:

clear all
version 9.2
local mydir "."

void myfunc(
   string scalar lnL, string scalar G, ...)

define the function

mata mosave myfunc(), dir(`mydir') replace


This runs fine and saves a .mo function that I can use in Stata 10.1. But when I try to use it in Stata 9.2, I get the following error message:

(myfunc() in /home/pdeb/ado/plus/m/, compiled by Stata 10.1,
is too new to be run by this version of Stata and so was ignored)

Your thoughts are most appreciated.



Partha Deb
Department of Economics
Hunter College
ph:  (212) 772-5435
fax: (212) 772-5398

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