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st: Dataset reorganization

From   Diego Bellavia <>
Subject   st: Dataset reorganization
Date   Thu, 05 Feb 2009 08:41:10 -0800

Dear Statalisters, 

I write here for a (hopefully simple) question but I am stuck. I have a dataset with around 300 variables. 
These variables are all "segments" of different "levels". Basically I have something lik

 ID                             basal_lat middle_lat apex_lat

so that lat is for "lateral" and basal, middle and apex are the levels. 
I would like to compare the observations by the different levels so that
I should end up with something like: 

groups_segments    ID                  Lateral wall
1                            Obs1              numeric Value (Bas)
1                            Obs2              numeric Value (Bas)
2                            Obs2              num (Mid)
2                            Obs2              num (Mid)
3                            Obs1              num(Apex)
3                            Obs1              num(Apex) 

then I could compare the groups by level, with a simple oneway ANOVA, is that correct ?

Now, is there any quick ay to reorganize the dataset with STATA, instead of doing that manually ? 

Thank you in advance 

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