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RE: -varabbrev- setting [was: st: re: question about "testparm"]

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: -varabbrev- setting [was: st: re: question about "testparm"]
Date   Mon, 2 Feb 2009 16:27:55 -0000

I think in Britain, which naturally I consider part of Europe, it is
still common to talk of mileage (and not just because of the uneven and
snail-like progress of metrication here). The fact that you should
regress on gpm := 1/mpg for all sorts of good reasons -- which I have
often enjoyed demonstrating -- does not affect the fact that drivers
care about how far they can go before they need to refill with fuel, so
to that extent mpg is a natural unit too. 


Kit Baum

It is an Americanism to say 'your mileage may vary', as a European  
would more sensibly* talk about litres/kilometre than miles/gallon.  
But there it is.

* It is readily seen that the relationship between price and mpg is  
not nearly as linear (and the linear fit not nearly as good) as that  
between price and 1/mpg.

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