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Re: AW: -varabbrev- setting [was: st: re: question about "testparm"]

From   Michael Hanson <>
Subject   Re: AW: -varabbrev- setting [was: st: re: question about "testparm"]
Date   Sun, 01 Feb 2009 15:27:55 -0500

On Feb 1, 2009, at 2:41 PM, Martin Weiss wrote:

BTW, how come I a) have never heard of this autocompletion thing in the
command window b) do not quite get the "YMMV" thing?

a) Not sure where/how I learned of [Tab] for variable name autocompletion in Stata, but I suspect it is documented somewhere -- perhaps the User's Guide? Tab for autocompletion of commands is a common configuration (option) in most Unix shells in use these days.

b) Like BTW, use of YMMV can be traced back to prior internet forums, if not Usenet. Google it! (Of course, using "YMMV" was meant to be a sly way of highlighting that abbreviations can, indeed, be confusing for some. Sorry for that.)


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