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st: Loop over variables with svyset

From   "Daniel Schultz" <>
Subject   st: Loop over variables with svyset
Date   Tue, 18 Nov 2008 16:26:37 +0000

Hej stata user....

Maybe this question is too easy for you, but i am kicking it around
since a week ore so and couldn't find a proper solution.

I have a dataset with 1200 variables of a survey. This survey was held
over a couple of years. What I want to do is extracting a codebook of
the dataset.
Therefore every variable should be tabbed according to their surveyweight.
The variable structure looks like this:


Were the extension _0X indicates the year and the Prefix Qaaaa
indicates the question number, which is the same over the years.
Since I need the tables afterwards in an extrenal program (LaTex) all
the Variables should be proceed in the correct order.

The problem is, that not every question was asked in every year, that
I really need to change the  survey weight after every variable for
the new variable, depending on the extension. I tried a lot, but
couldn't get a proper solution.

For only one Variable the syntax should be as followed:

svyset Q1170_02   *this is the weight variable
svy:tab Q0001_02

I tried to build a loop based on this, but all my tries didn't work.
Maybe one of you has an idea. That would be great.

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