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st: if and if

From   "Ashim Kapoor" <>
Subject   st: if and if
Date   Thu, 13 Nov 2008 13:25:59 +0530

Hello everyone,

I realize that there are 2 kinds if's in Stata.

Type 1 : would be something like replace j = 2 if k==2
here the replace in j would happen ONLY in the corresponding
observation of k. THIS IS WHAT I WANT.

Type 2 : the programming if something like

local j

if `j'==2 {

do something.



I guess I want to do something which is in between the above 2.

I want to say the following : --

replace j=2 if k==2
replace m=2 if k==2
replace n=2 if k==2

in ONE shot.

so I try : -
************************************** Block A
if k==2 {
replace j=2
replace m=2
replace n=2
This does not work. Because k==2 would mean k==2 in ALL observations.
While I mean to say make j / m / n = 2 in those observations where k
is 2.

How do I do this in a quick manner in Block A  ?

I understand that I can always do :-

foreach var of   j m n {
replace `var'=2 if k==2

But is there a better way ?

The reason I want this is the following  : -

I want

if k==2 {
replace j=1
replace m=5
replace n=89

so the above method fails as I do not have the SAME value 2 to be put
in each of j / m /n.

Any slick way of doing this ?

Thank you,
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