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st: Performance of ivregress vs ivreg

From   "Davide Cantoni" <>
Subject   st: Performance of ivregress vs ivreg
Date   Tue, 11 Nov 2008 16:05:19 -0500

Dear statalisters,

I have recently moved to Stata 10 and I am surprised about the
replacement of -ivreg- with -ivregress-. While I appreciate some of
the additional options (which would formerly be available only in
-ivreg2-), I am puzzled by the generally strictly inferior performance
of -ivregress-. I could not find any discussion of this in the
Statalist so far, which is slightly surprising to me. Here are my

1. Memory usage. -ivregress- needs much more memory than -ivreg-. So
you need to -set mem- to a much higher level than before.

2. Speed. -ivregress 2sls- is much slower than -ivreg-. I did a small
simulation: -ivreg- took 4 seconds, -ivregress 2sls- took 18 seconds.
That's an increase of 350%!

3. Finally I keep getting the following error message, which I can't
explain myself:
    option noline not allowed

I am grateful about any feedback on this issue. Regards,

Davide Cantoni
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