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st: Roctab for classvar in descending order

From   [email protected]
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Subject   st: Roctab for classvar in descending order
Date   Thu, 06 Nov 2008 14:45:35 +0100

Dear all, 

I need to study specificity and sensitivity of measures of lymphocytes.
The gold standard is measures of CD4

A subject is diseased if CD4<200 and non diseased if CD4>=200
We want to study specifity and sensitivity for different threshold of
Generally, if lymphocytes is <1200, subject is diseased.

Using the command

"roctab CD4_bin lymphocytes"

With CD4_bin=1 if CD4<200  and CD4_bin=0 if CD4>=200 

I obtain graph and table for sensitivity/specificity for threshold of
lymphocytes in ascending order.
Or I'm interested in descending order: a patient is diseased if lymphocytes
is <1200, and not >=1200

If I use 

gen inv=-1*lymphocytes
roctab CD4_bin inv

It's OK, but the table is not useful because of negative values of

Thanks for help


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Service de Biostatistique des Hospices Civils de Lyon 
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