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st: RE: Addendum to Negative Binomial Regression

Subject   st: RE: Addendum to Negative Binomial Regression
Date   Wed, 5 Nov 2008 17:52:07 EST

For those who purchased, or otherwise obtained, my text, Negative Binomial  
Regression (2007, Cambridge University Press), I have written a 21 page 
addendum  that provides more specifics concerning the meaning and interpretation of 
risk  and risk ratio than is currently discussed in the text. In addition, I 
provide  details about constructing and interpreting several types of 
interaction terms  for count models; e.g., Binary X Binary, Binary X Continuous, and 
Categorical X  Continuous. These seem to me to be the most common types of 
interactions used in  research. The addendum is intended to be a summary-type guide 
for understanding  these specific topics, and should be thought of as an 
extension to the  discussion presented in the text. 
The addendum can be downloaded at 
( . I wrote it  initially for my current course 
on Modeling Count Data, but  thought that it should be made available to 
anyone who has the text. 
Joseph Hilbe
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