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RE: st: RE: upgrading to v10: do-file won't load

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: upgrading to v10: do-file won't load
Date   Tue, 4 Nov 2008 19:29:28 -0000

Your information underlines that it cannot be the length of the do-file
that is the problem. I can't even speculate on what is problematic. I
suggest you get in touch with tech support. They will want much more
information than you give. 


Michael McCulloch

Thanks Nick, yes it did work with 9.2. The code can also run if I 
cut-and-paste into an open v10 do-file. The problem is that I simply 
can't open the do-file from within v10.

>I take it you mean that the _length_ of the do file is the problem. I
>very much doubt it. Did it work with your previous version? I suggest
>working with increasing subsets of the file, or keeping a trace or log
>if possible.

Michael McCulloch

>I've just upgraded to v10, and a do-file won't load, causing
>Stata to crash. There are ~3,000 lines of code in the do-file; could
>that be the problem?

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