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st: A methodological problem

From   "Carlo Amenta" <>
Subject   st: A methodological problem
Date   Thu, 30 Oct 2008 07:47:03 +0100

Dear statalisters,

I am studying a sport team league with 20 teams in a specific years. I
am using a 2sls estimator because of simultaneity problem with a
specific variable which was confirmed using the -ivendog- procedure.
At this stage the study is cross sectional and regards a specific
season. It is correct to say that I have not any efficiency or
consistency problem wuth the estimator considering the fact that I am
studying the entire populationa and not a sample? As a matter of fact
n=20 even if very small it is not the number of observation but all
the teams in the league so the entire population. I think I have not
to worry about any inference problem. Can someone confirm that or
indicate any specific references?
Thank you

Carlo Amenta
University of Palermo
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