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st: RE: RE: Pausing a command in runtime

From   "Rajesh Tharyan" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Pausing a command in runtime
Date   Fri, 24 Oct 2008 10:51:03 +0100


-Sleep- will pause the program for the time you specify and commence at the
end of that period without user intervention. If that is what you want..

Hope this helps


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Sent: 23 October 2008 14:01
Subject: st: RE: Pausing a command in runtime

I am not sure why you want to stop something that is moving very slowly,
if I am debugging something I sometimes slap in an


command line. My reason for that is so that I can peek at the variables
in question (and I then often wish I had added variable labels to my
temporary variables to be clear on what is what, but that's a different

Anyway, a side-effect of that is clearly that the program pauses until
I'm done with the Editor, so that or -browse- may fit the bill.


(Does -pause- not fit the bill in any case? I don't use it, although
that means nothing, except that I don't use it.)

Kam Kup

I have a number of ML commands that require several hours to execute.  I
know about the pause command that can be written into a do file, but is
there a way to pause such a command in runtime?

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