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st: doubt how to avoid some problems with do files

From   "Rodrigo Briceño" <>
Subject   st: doubt how to avoid some problems with do files
Date   Wed, 22 Oct 2008 19:50:04 -0600

Dear members of the list. I recently started to used Stata again for
doing some econometric modelling.
For practicing I generated a do file (I'm using version 9) for
estimation of some descriptive statistics. Everything runs ok
until the last part of the do file.
I have many ttests to be applied in the following form:

ttest edad if pob==1, by (op)
ttest edad2 if pob==1, by (op)
ttest sexo1 if pob==1, by (op)
ttest ed_nin if pob==1, by (op)

but nothing happens in that part...I think that I'm missing something
but not sure what.

I also ended my do file with the following instructions: log close and
exit (because I'm saving results in txt file). The thing is that when
the do file ends, the log is still open unless I do log close in the
output window.

Anyone can help me to try to solve these issues?

Rodrigo Briceño
+506  22-91-12-00 ext. 113   Office
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