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st: syntax

From   David Airey <david.airey@Vanderbilt.Edu>
Subject   st: syntax
Date   Sun, 19 Oct 2008 09:26:51 -0500

I have not used syntax much. When I write the syntax command,

syntax varlist(min=2 max=2 numeric) [if] [in] [, noconstant]

I find it parses

mycommand weight weight2 , constant

differently than

mycommand weight weight2, constant

The top parses `2' to weight2 and the bottom parses `2' to weight, (includes the comma). Use of tokenize varlist avoids this problem, but is it a long standing feature of syntax to require option commas to be separated by white space? I can't remember being careful about how I type that interactively.


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