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Re: st: hw advice wanted

From   Jeph Herrin <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: hw advice wanted
Date   Wed, 15 Oct 2008 13:07:18 -0400

In addition to what Neil suggests:

1. Clock speed matters, get at least 3gHz

2. I've purchased a number of high end machines
   over several years from XiComputer. They seem geared
   more towards the engineering/data market, have very good
   service, and will sell pre-installed Linux (saving
   lots of driver hassle not to mention $ on the OS).

3. Depends on what other applications you want to run.
   Linux is rock solid and very fast, but it's a nusiance
   if you want to use Excel very often. Of the Win OSes,
   64bit XP seems to be recommended over Vista, but since
   I have stuck with the former, I can't say for sure.

hope this helps,

Neil Shephard wrote:
Richard Goldstein wrote:
I am starting to plan the purchase of my next machine and am
looking for advice, comments, help (etc.).

I am just starting to receive some very large data sets
(received 1 TB so far) and thus I want a machine that
includes at least the following:

64 bit
at least 32 GB of RAM (more if I can afford it)
several TB of internal hard drive

my questions:

1. what other criteria, if any, should I be using?

Fast bus speeds, these are the speeds at which data is transferred
between components (such as HD >  Motherboard > RAM).

2. are there name vendors that supply such machines or will
I need to go to a place that builds them to order? Names of
vendors appreciated
Can't help there I'm afraid, but details of the country your
located/purchasing in would help.

3. what OS????
I'm not too up-to-speed on the current state of Vista, but I'd hazard
that with 64-bit and 32Gb RAM you'd be best suited with some sort *NIX
variant, although if you're not familiar with them it may involve a
learning curve to get used to the OS (although not with Stata itself
since this is virtually identical across platforms).


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