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st: how to check stata installation

From   "Hiroyuki Kawakatsu" <>
Subject   st: how to check stata installation
Date   Tue, 14 Oct 2008 16:50:13 +0100


How does one check whether the installed Stata is "fully functional"?
In particular, that all "official" ado files exist?

Background. We installed Stata for our computer lab. Because we are
behind a firewall, I just checked that -update all- works so that
Stata can access the web and assumed all was well. A few days ago
while working with the students in the lab, I discover to my horror
that the -reg- command returns an "unrecognized command" error. After
trying to find the stupid error that I may have made, I try -which
regress- and also get an error indicating that regress.ado is not
installed. Sure enough, the sys admin did a comparison of the Stata
files in the image used in the labs and a locally installed version
(for this test) and found that about 60 ado files (one of which was
regress.ado) were missing from the image. (We do not know whether
these 60 files got lost after the install or whether they were never
installed. We just copied over the missing files to the image to fix
the problem.) So to avoid this problem in the future, how can we check
that we have a fully functional Stata other than a brute force file
comparison as above which still does not ensure full functionality? (I
have in mind something like -make check-all- in R that runs a bunch of
test programs and compares with known results or for errors.)  Any
advice or pointers appreciated,

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| Business School, Dublin City University
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