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st: Generating new variables with lags

From   Malcolm Wardlaw <>
Subject   st: Generating new variables with lags
Date   Sun, 05 Oct 2008 12:50:05 -0500

I'm trying to generalize a program to be able to create a new variable
out of a specified number of lagged variables.

gen sumx=x+x.l1+x.l2+x.l3 ...

I'd like to generalize this to be able to use various lags without
having to type out the entire sequence in the program.  Essentially, I'd
like to specify "lag=3" and generate sumx=x+x.l1+x.l2+x.l3 or "lag=2"
and generate sumx=x+x.l1+x.l2

I've tried building this expression into a macro and then evaluating the
results of the macro, but as I'm sure the more advanced people know,
this doesn't work.  Instead it creates a string variable
sumx="sumx=x+x.l1+x.l2+x.l3".  I've never figured out exactly how to
properly evaluate macros as directives within a program, but I don't
even know if that's the best way to handle this problem anyways.

Any advice?
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