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st: OLS regression in STATA - missings

Subject   st: OLS regression in STATA - missings
Date   Sun, 05 Oct 2008 14:16:06 +0200

Dear Stata users , 

I am using this command to run a OLS regression:

forvalues i=1977/2007 {
reg dependent_var indep_var1 indep_var2  if Observation_Year <= `i', robust cluster (firms)

However, STATA displays in this case "no observations" and  it is not possible to run the regression.

For instance, in 1980, I have observations of the second independent variable and the dependent variable  only, but I thought that STATA would ignore this year and continue the regression in 1981 instead. Obviously, it is not the case!

So what should I do about this problem ? Any ideas???

Thank you very much !

Bastian S
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