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st: Length of stay in hours

From   "[ISO-8859-1] Eduardo Palencia Herrej´┐Żn" <[email protected]>
To   STATALIST <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Length of stay in hours
Date   Fri, 29 Aug 2008 00:45:06 +0200

Dear statalisters,

I am building management tools for my ICU. Most ICUs measure the
length of stay in days, using several adjustements, but generally
using date of discharge minus date of admission. This method is
imprecise and has important drawbacks, especially when length of stays
are short, as occurs with postoperative patients.

I would like to measure and record the "exact" length of stay, in
hours. I need to record the day and hour of admission and the day and
hour of discharge. How can I to do that in Stata?
I need to merge a date from two separate fields (day and hour of
admission), and another date from the day and hour of discharge. After
that, I need to substract both dates and get the result in hours. How
can I do that?

Thanks in advance,

Eduardo Palencia Herrej´┐Żn
Jefe de Servicio de Medicina Intensiva
Hospital "Infanta Leonor", Madrid
C/ Gran v´┐Ża del Este, 80
28031 Madrid
Tfno: +34619204428
Fax: +34911919099
[email protected]

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