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Re: st: too many macros?!

From   "Austin Nichols" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: too many macros?!
Date   Thu, 28 Aug 2008 10:00:25 -0400

Rufus Peabody <[email protected]>:
I am guessing there are a number of errors in that code, but I can't
see what is causing the error message you got.  Try
 set trace on
 set traced 2
and run again to see where the error is thrown.

Before you do though--check this line
 local mark=mark
which sets the value of local mark to the value of the variable mark
in obs#1 in every iteration.  Is that what you meant to do?

Also, the condition
  if tm_gmid_yr<=tm_gmid_yr+7 & tm_gmid_yr>=tm_gmid_yr-7
is unlikely to be what you wanted, since it is always true.

On Thu, Aug 28, 2008 at 1:55 AM, Rufus Peabody <[email protected]> wrote:
> I ran the following code, but got the error message "too many macros".  What
> I'm trying to do is create a macro that includes the regressors to use for
> that specific time through the loop.  It includes a different number of
> regressors each time.  For each "tm_gmid_yr" I'm looping through, I  want
> the regressors to be all lags possible within that year (by week--so L`i'.,
> L`i+7'.,..., where i is based on the remainder when dividing "tm_gmid_yr" by
> 7 ).  Anybody have any idea how to get around this problem?
> local mark=mark
> forvalues year=2000/2007 {
>        forvalues tm_gmid_yr=7/156 {
>                foreach v of local ratevars {
>                        cap gen `v'_norm_pred=.
>                        cap gen `v'_norm_pred2=.
>                        tempvar pred1 pred2
>                        local regressors "lweek_`v'_norm"
>                        local x=mod(`mark',`tm_gmid_yr')
>                        local regressors "`"`regressors'
> L`x'.lweek_`v'_norm"'"
>                        local y=floor(mark/7)
>                        while(`y'>=1) {
>                                local num=(7*`y')+`x'
>                                local regressors "`"`regressors'
> L`num'.lweek_`v'_norm"'"
>                                local y=`y'-1
>                        }
>                        regress nweek_`v'_norm `regressors' if
> tm_gmid_yr<=tm_gmid_yr+7 & tm_gmid_yr>=tm_gmid_yr-7 & year<=`year'
>                        predict `pred1' if year==`year' &
> tm_gmid_yr==`tm_gmid_yr'
>                        regress nweek_`v'_norm `regressors' if year<=`year'
>                        predict `pred2' if year==`year' &
> tm_gmid_yr==`tm_gmid_yr'
>                        replace `v'_norm_pred=`pred1' if year==`year' &
> tm_gmid_yr==`tm_gmid_yr'
>                        replace `v'_norm_pred2=`pred2' if year==`year' &
> tm_gmid_yr==`tm_gmid_yr'
>                        drop `pred1' `pred2'
>                }
>        }
> }
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