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st: RE: Compiling results

From   "Martin Weiss" <[email protected]>
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Subject   st: RE: Compiling results
Date   Fri, 22 Aug 2008 15:31:06 +0200

-ssc d parmest-

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Subject: st: Compiling results

Hi all,
I want to streamline the collection of a large number of results.
I'd like to create a dataset that collects the results from regression
with different functional forms for different subsets of the data, all while
keeping track of the types of models used. 

For example:
foreach i of numlist 1/5 {
   glm Y X W, l(log) f(gamma) if agecat=`i' /*adjusted model*/
   glm Y X, l(log) f(gamma) if agecat=`i' /*unadjusted model*/
   glm Y X W, l(power .5) f(gauss) if agecat=`i' /*adjusted model*/
   glm Y X, l(power .5) f(gauss) if agecat=`i' /*unadjusted model*/

I would like to keep track of the results in a dataset as follows:

agecat link family _b[X]adjusted _b[X]unadjusted
1 log gamma .24334  .63543
1 power.5 gauss .43424 .98783
5 log gamma .345543  .6456
5 power.5 gauss .54353 .98978

If the results were all numerical, I could compile them in a matrix.
some of the info in this results dataset is in string format, e.g. "gauss".
suggestions on an efficient, automatic way to collect all this information
one place? Thanks for any and all advice.

Douglas Levy, PhD
Institute for Health Policy
Massachusetts General Hospital
50 Staniford Street; Suite 901
Boston, MA 02114
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