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st: RE: creating a large set of dummies

From   "Martin Weiss" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: creating a large set of dummies
Date   Tue, 19 Aug 2008 10:14:59 +0200

Well, with the example from Baum (2006, ch. 9.1.1), it is easy to see that the -xtreg, fe- estimator is equivalent to the inclusion of a large set of dummies.

u, clear
*FE Estimator
qui xtreg fatal beertax spirc unrate perincK, fe
qui estimates store fe
*Inclusion of Dummies
qui ta state, gen(state_dum_)
qui reg fatal beertax spirc unrate perincK state_dum_*
qui estimates store reg
estimates table fe reg, style(oneline)


Baum (2006), An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata, Stata Press

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Subject: st: creating a large set of dummies

Dear Statalisters,

for a regression, I need a large set of dummies for controlling for
individual fixed effects. This can easily be done by -tab VAR,
gen(NEWVAR)-. Of course, lots of variables are created just for a
single regression.

My question: is there a way to tell Stata that it should include a
dummy for each value of a certain variable without having to create a
single dummy for each value? In my understanding, this would be
similar to the use of lagged variables where you type -L.VAR-

Kind regards,


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