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st: metan, labbe and metacum updates

From   RJ Harris <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: metan, labbe and metacum updates
Date   Mon, 18 Aug 2008 10:35:58 +0100

Dear Stata users

Thanks to Kit Baum, updated versions of the metan and metacum packages are now available on the SSC.

The metacum package has been updated to version 9 graphics, and now calls metan, allowing new options and flexibility in the data specification. The syntax is somewhat different from previous versions, and now very similar to that of metan.

The metan package has an updated L'Abbe graph command (labbe), also with version 9 graphics. Syntax and options are identical, with some additions for fine-tuning the graphical display. Note that the funnel command has now been removed, as this is outdated: metafunnel has better display capabilities and more options.

Some minor changes have been made to the metan command: there is now an option dp(#) which allows the user to set the number of decimal places that estimates are displayed with. There is also a small add-on program that calculates a confidence interval for I^2- type i2ci after running metan to display this. Finally a small bug that caused xsize() and ysize() to cause problems with other options (e.g., titles) has been corrected (thanks to Ian White).

To (re-)install the packages described above, type:

ssc install metan, replace
ssc install metacum, replace
ssc install metafunnel, replace

Please let us know if you discover any bugs, or have any suggestions for improvement, which are always welcome.

Best wishes,
Ross Harris, Roger Harbord and Jonathan Sterne

Ross Harris
Department of Social Medicine
University of Bristol
+44 (0)117 928 7338
[email protected]
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