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st: RE: RE: Syntax for options in a program

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: RE: Syntax for options in a program
Date   Thu, 14 Aug 2008 15:41:33 +0100

I can't see why `touse' is set each time round the loop. I would move that outside. 

An issue unresolved is why you want to tag your graphs and graph files with `touse'. `touse' will just be some tempname like __985123 which won't mean anything to you. Presumably you will want to use some permanent variable name instead. 

Another puzzle is that you don't refer to `q' within the loop, except for the sorting. 

I've not tried to understand the whole program, but I think this is closer to what you want. 

program dokern, byable(recall) sortpreserve 
	version 9
	syntax varlist [if] [in] , SAVing(string) 
      marksample touse
	foreach q of local _byvars {
		sort `q'
		foreach i of local `varlist' { 
			twoway (kdensity `i') if `touse', /// 
			yla(, ang(h) labsize(vsmall))     ///
			xlab(0(100)1000, labsize(tiny))   ///
			caption("Kernel density of `i' by `touse'") /// 
			saving(`saving'_`i'_by`touse', replace ) 
                  graph export `saving'_`i'_by`touse'.ps, replace 

A strategic comment is that I wouldn't write a program for something this specific. I would rather write a do file, get it working and make it more ambitious iteratively. That may just reflect my experience of what is natural for different kinds of tasks. 

[email protected] 

philippe van kerm

I'm not sure it this is the main or only source of problem, but your -foreach- statements are not correct:

     foreach `q' of local `_byvars' {;

should be

     foreach q of local _byvars {;


     foreach i of local `varlist' { ;

should be

     foreach i of local varlist { ;

Marco Petracco

> I have been trying to crack this using the manual and online help,
> but I don't seem to be able to come out on top of it. I am writing
> a short program which should take a list of variables and give me
> back a set of Kernel graphs and also save the results in a series
> of files, the "root" of which name should be provided by the user.
> However, no matter how I specify the value of the "saving" option
> (i.e. within parentheses and braces, parentheses only, braces only
> ...) I get a "syntax error" or an "option saving() required" error
> message.
> Can anybody help me spot what I am doing wrong?
> I copy here under the program:
> program dokern, byable(recall) sortpreserve
> # delimit;
>         version 9;
>         syntax varlist [if] [in] , SAVing(string) ;
>         foreach `q' of local `_byvars' {;
>                 sort `q';
>                 marksample touse;
>                 foreach i of local `varlist' { ;
>                                 twoway (kdensity `i') if `touse',
> ylabel(, angle(horizontal) labsize(vsmall)) xlabel(0(100)1000,
> labsize(tiny)) caption("Kernel density of `i' by `touse'") saving(
> `saving'_`i'_by`touse', replace ) ;
>                                 graph export
> `saving'_`i'_by`touse'.ps, replace ;
>                 } ;
>         };
> end;

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