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Re: st: RE: help in obtaining a bar graph

From   Richard Goldstein <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: RE: help in obtaining a bar graph
Date   Wed, 13 Aug 2008 14:01:27 -0400

Thank you very much -- I learned several tricks from this also

Also thanks to Tony Lachenbruch who privately came up with a similar plan of attack.

Yes, the labels, at least, are confidential.


Nick Cox wrote:

First, one rough solution. Then, a few comments.
The following is one line. twoway scatteri `=166/528' 1 `=4569/8781' 2 `=362/528' 4 `=4212/8781' 5, recast(bar) barw(0.5) xla(1 "frog" 2 "toad" 4 "newt" 5 "snake" 1.5 `" " " "stuff" "' 4.5 `" " " "nonsense" "', noticks) base(0) xtitle(category) ytitle(fraction) yla(0(0.1)0.7, ang(h))
Advice often given on Statalist is to give up on -graph bar- when it
does not offer a solution and to build up your own alternative using
-twoway bar-. One of the more puzzling aspects of -graph- initially is
that -graph bar- and -twoway bar- can produce quite similar graphs but
are nevertheless totally different commands. The trick is not to try to
understand this, but just to get used to it.
In the above I didn't try a direct attack. I use -twoway scatteri- to
say exactly where I want the bars, strictly data points as yet.
Macro-like elements like `=166/528' instruct Stata to work out cell
fractions on the fly. Then I -recast()- to bars. The rest is standard
-twoway- technique. I have not tried to work out from Rich's colourless
terminology -- perhaps protecting a client! -- what the best axis labels
and titles should be but used filler terms.
There is enormous scope for tuning all the cosmetic aspects.
No doubt this could be automated more.
[email protected]
Richard Goldstein

I have two variables defined as shown in the following table:

| event
type1 | N Y | Total
N | 4,403 166 | 4,569
| 53.35 31.44 | 52.03
Y | 3,850 362 | 4,212
| 46.65 68.56 | 47.97
Total | 8,253 528 | 8,781
| 100.00 100.00 | 100.00

I want a bar graph showing 4 bars as follows:
166/528 and 4569/8781
362/528 and 4212/8781

I.e., I want the Y and Total columns rather than the N and Y columns.

I have no idea how to get this and any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Note that I can live with having 6 bars (2 for the N column in addition)

if I have to.

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