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st: "reshape" data

From   "mac.stata" <>
Subject   st: "reshape" data
Date   Thu, 29 May 2008 20:33:26 +0200

Dear Stata users!

Does anyone of you know an easy and fast way to deal with the following data structure:

- I have a large survey data set containing data on individuals (unique records per individual over the complete data set)
- the survey is/was carried out each year
- within every year, there are variables like trust_1, trust_2, trust_3 trust_4, each for a specific issue addressed
- I would like to have a data set with the individual data (basic characteristics) plus one variable "trust"; e.g. if individual A has entries in trust_1, trust_2 and trust_3, I would like to have three entries for individual A containing the basic characteristics and each of the trust variables named as trust, so that in the end I could regress on trust!

How would I do that?

Many thanks in advance for your kind help,


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