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st: dtobit/outreg 2 error

From   Abra Marie Jeffers <>
Subject   st: dtobit/outreg 2 error
Date   Tue, 20 May 2008 17:57:36 +0100


I am using a Tobit model in version 10.0. Following a previous suggestion I used the command -version 8.2- before using the dtobit command to avoid the "_se not found. r(111)" error.

I then tried to use the outreg2 following John Gallup's pdf example sheet:

outreg2 using decomp, replace margin(u)
= invalid name r(198);

I also tried:
. outreg2, margin(u)
option margin() not allowed

. outreg using decomp, replace margin(u)
option margin() not allowed

as well as -version 10.0- before the commands. Nothing seems to work.
I would really appreciate any suggestions.

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