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Re: st: RE: -using- option for program executed by -simulate-

From   Phil Schumm <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: RE: -using- option for program executed by -simulate-
Date   Fri, 28 Dec 2007 09:53:05 -0600

On Dec 28, 2007, at 9:23 AM, Steichen, Thomas J. wrote:
I don't know about a restriction but there is a work-a-round:


simul p = r(p), reps(100): foo group, using(`"`myfile'"') diff(1) sd (1)

Thanks for pointing that out, Tom -- I shouldn't have overlooked it. This issue came up during a demonstration I was giving on how to do simulations in Stata; I was typing merrily along in response to a question and came upon this issue, and then realized I didn't have an explanation for the observed behavior. At the time it bothered me more that I couldn't explain the behavior, but you're right, using a standard string option is adequate for getting the job done.

-- Phil

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