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st: How to run a program with ! / winexec minimized

From   [email protected]
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: How to run a program with ! / winexec minimized
Date   Sat, 1 Dec 2007 12:30:36 -0200 (BRT)

Thank you Roy for your time.

By "parameters" I mean values that will be imputed in the executable
program to run the analyses. You can call them also "options".

For example:

Suppose the program (program.exe, executable) has 10 options/parameters,
that should be inputed manually, each time you have to run it.

The "parameters.txt" file I have mentioned will contain these 10
options/parameters, like a batch script.

you call cmd and then

F:\program.exe < parameters.txt

I am just dealing with the above mentioned case. However, could not make
it work with shellout. -shell- does, but with a maximized window.

shell program.exe < parameters.txt

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