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Re: st: Update recommendation after -update query-

From   Alan Riley <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Update recommendation after -update query-
Date   Wed, 26 Sep 2007 09:38:14 -0500

Sebastian F. B�chte ([email protected]) asks about the recommendation
after -update query-:

> today (Sept 26, 2007) I issued an -update query- from within my Stata
> 10/MP command windw. The results were the following:
> . update query
> (contacting
> Stata executable
>     folder:               C:\Programme\Stata10\
>     name of file:         wmpstata.exe
>     currently installed:  25 Jul 2007
>     latest available:     25 Jul 2007
> Ado-file updates
>     folder:               C:\Programme\Stata10\ado\updates\
>     names of files:       (various)
>     currently installed:  30 Aug 2007
>     latest available:     19 Sep 2007
> Recommendation
>     Type -update all-
> ---
> I now wonder why Stata recommends to "update all". Should not -update
> ado- be enough to get my Stata up-to-date? Am I missing something
> here?

This is intentional and is new behavior introduced with Stata 10.
-update all- is 'smart', and will only update the portion of Stata
that needs to be updated.

We found that in Stata 9 and earlier, some people would get in the
habit of only updating their ado-files.  Often, a change in an
ado-file relies on a corresponding change in the executable, and
if only one or the other is updated, a user may receive unexpected

-update all- has always been 'smart' enough to update only
what needs updating.  We decided merely to change the recommendation
presented when an update is necessary to always say -update all-
to make sure that users are in the habit of updating everything
which may need updating.

([email protected])
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