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Re: st: memory size 7 data merging

From   Joseph Coveney <[email protected]>
To   Statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   Re: st: memory size 7 data merging
Date   Mon, 24 Sep 2007 13:34:47 -0700

Charlie wrote:

I'm trying to merging two data sets.
The size of one data set is about 53 MB (about 100,000 cases) and
another is 40MB (about 1,300,000 cases).
Memory is allocated to 670 MB.
Whenever I tried to merge two data sets, I got an error message
regarding memory as follows:

"no room to add more observations
   An attempt was made to increase the number of observations beyond
what is currently possible.  You
   have the following alternatives:

how can I solve this problem?
My laptop allow me only 675 Mb for STATA. Even though I compress my
data set, it does not work, because the size of the two data set have
not changed much.

Could you anyone help me to solve this problem?


You're post omits most of the error message.  In the complete error message,
Stata gives you three options.  You've tried two (-compress- and -set
memory-), and they don't fix the problem.  Try the third.

That is, try paring the number of variables, as Hind Sbihi mentions.  If
that doesn't work or isn't compatible with your objective, then subset the
two datasets into ranges of the merging variable, -merge- the pieces, and
then -append- the merged pieces together again.

You can also put the two datasets into a relational database, and -odbc
load, exec()- with a SQL JOIN, or create a view in the database and use
Stat/Transfer to pull the view into a Stata dataset.  (The Stat/Transfer
route might be faster with large result tables.)

Joseph Coveney

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