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st: Mata run-time error when using gologit2

From   "Chris O'Keefe" <[email protected]>
To   "Stata list" <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Mata run-time error when using gologit2
Date   Fri, 21 Sep 2007 07:24:34 -0700

Hi all-
I'm using -gologit2- as a check on my results using -oprobit-, which
may be bad because it fails the proportional odds assumption.  When I
do, I get a Mata run-time error.  Stata tells me:

<istmt>:  3499  _svy2() not found
Mata run-time error

I'm not sure where this error comes in.  I've checked the sourcecode
on -gologit2- and it doesn't appear that the code itself uses "_svy2
()".  I don't know anything about Mata, so otherwise I'm not sure
where/how to look for this problem.  Any help would be much
appreciated (my code is below):

gologit2 enviroimpact2 wbcofinancer wbcofyr ldevcom lnwbenviro2000
lepiisdb lngo ligdp ligdpgrowth liexportsgnp lischlsec lipotwat
lisulfdiox  lithrtndmamm licoallandarea liorgpollperh20 liforest lpop
lpolity2 lcorrupt lgovstab, cluster(countryname) autofit link(p)

(It also fails to work if I don't specify any options at all).

Chris O'Keefe
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