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st: System Limit on -recode-

From   Zachary Neal <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: System Limit on -recode-
Date   Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:20:44 -0700 (PDT)


I am doing a series of recodes using several -if-
statements.  When the system gets to this line:

if `N' == 92 recode row col (1=`a1') (2=`a2') (3=`a3')
(4=`a4') (5=`a5') (6=`a6') (7=`a7') (8=`a8') (9=`a9)
(10=`a10') (11=`a11') (12=`a12') (13=`a13') (14=`a14')
(15=`a15') (16=`a16') (17=`a17') (18=`a18') (19=`a19')
(20=`a20') (21=`a21') (22=`a22') (23=`a23') (24=`a24')
(25=`a25') (26=`a26') (27=`a27') (28=`a28') (29=`a29')
(30=`a30') (31=`a31') (32=`a32') (33=`a33') (34=`a34')
(35=`a35') (36=`a36') (37=`a37') (38=`a38') (39=`a39')
(40=`a40') (41=`a41') (42=`a42') (43=`a43') (44=`a44')
(45=`a45') (46=`a46') (47=`a47') (48=`a48') (49=`a49')
(50=`a50') ///
	                             (51=`a51') (52=`a52')
(53=`a53') (54=`a54') (55=`a55') (56=`a56') (57=`a57')
(58=`a58') (59=`a59') (60=`a60') (61=`a61') (62=`a62')
(63=`a63') (64=`a64') (65=`a65') (66=`a66') (67=`a67')
(68=`a68') (69=`a69') (70=`a70') (71=`a71') (72=`a72')
(73=`a73') (74=`a74') (75=`a75') (76=`a76') (77=`a77')
(78=`a78') (79=`a79') (80=`a80') (81=`a81') (82=`a82')
(83=`a83') (84=`a84') (85=`a85') (86=`a86') (87=`a87')
(88=`a88') (89=`a89') (90=`a90') (91=`a91') (92=`a92')

I get the following error message:
"system limit exceeded - see manual"

All of the preceding "if ... recode" lines are the
same structure, and run fine.  Is there a limit on the
number of recodes that can be performed in a single


Zachary Neal, ABD
Managing Editor, City & Community
University of Illinois at Chicago
[email protected]

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