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Re: st: RE: swapping levels in mixed models

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Subject   Re: st: RE: swapping levels in mixed models
Date   Sat, 08 Sep 2007 14:34:39 +0200

I have some problems to download to pdf, but I guess from the S-Plus script file that it's extremely helpful. Really many thanks.

At 02.33 06/09/2007 -0400, Garry Anderson wrote:
>Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2007 14:19:32 +1000
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>Hi Nicola,
>The following may be helpful
>Predicting Group-Level Outcome Variables From Variables Measured at
>the Individual Level: A Latent Variable Multilevel Model.
>By Croon, Marcel A.; van Veldhoven, Marc J. P. M.
>Psychological Methods. 2007 Mar Vol 12(1) 45-57
>Regards, Garry
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>Subject: st: swapping levels in mixed models
>In many examples which I found on the web using SAS or Stata, the =
>student-level outcome is predicted using student-level and school-level =
>Is it insane to ask Stata, e.g. to predict school-level number of =
>students passing the math exam (or their percentage on the number of =
>enrolled students) using information about gender and socio-economic =
>If no, can I just use a school-level y or should I modify the usual =
>command syntax in -gllamm- (and how)?
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