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Re: st: observations missing

From   "Michael Blasnik" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   Re: st: observations missing
Date   Thu, 06 Sep 2007 13:27:37 -0400


It makes no sense to me that you thought you needed to export data to Excel and use filtering to identify missing values in your data. It is very easy to find missing values in Stata and replace them with whatever values you want. Why didn't use just browse if myvar==., or use the egen rowmiss function to identify observations with any missing values across a varlist, or use mvencode? Stata is much more powerful than Excel for doing virtually any data management task.

Michael Blasnik

----- Original Message ----- From: "Seema Bhatia" <[email protected]>
To: <[email protected]>
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 9:53 AM
Subject: Re: st: observations missing

Dear Sergiy

Thanks for your comments. Yes the missing observations with their line
numbers will be very useful. I spend about 30 minutes and 6 regressions
yesterday before I realised that these 40 missing values were buried inside
a huge dataset that I have (13650 lines)

I managed to plug in the required values but not before exporting the data
into excel and turning the filters on which showed me the appropriate

Thanks for the response


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