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st: reshape error: "quarter contains all missing values" ?

From   Mark Manger <>
Subject   st: reshape error: "quarter contains all missing values" ?
Date   Tue, 21 Aug 2007 20:38:05 -0400


I have a straightforward data file that I want to convert into  
something appropriate for a panel. An excerpt:

ISO	 valq1_1984	valq2_1984	valq3_1984
AFG	0	0	2
ALB		0	0	4
DZA	4	5	2

Variables types are str and int, unsurprisingly. All I wanted to do was:

reshape long val, i(ISO) j(quarter)

and I get the error "quarter contains all missing values" Huh? I  
think I've done this a thousand times already and never got this  
error. I suspect STATA doesn't like the variable names for the  
quarters, because v2 v3 v4 works fine. What can I do to avoid this  


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