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st: non-ascii character and "unexpected end of file"

From   "Eva Poen" <>
Subject   st: non-ascii character and "unexpected end of file"
Date   Mon, 20 Aug 2007 17:17:15 +0100

Dear all,

while recoding a questionnaire that was originally conducted in
German, Arabic, and Russian, I hit the problem mentioned in this

I am using Stata 9. I managed to read the data in all right (they are
in various tab separated files), but I cannot manipulate a string
variable containing the character . Since "" is part of some of the
answers to the questionnaire, and since I need to recode these, I
somehow have to get around it.

While a do-file will stop upon seeing "", the Stata 9 command line
will simply ignore it. Typing  -di "This is  and this is y."- results

. di "This is  and this is y."
This is  and this is y.

I.e. the character  is simply swallowed.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
Eva Poen

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