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Re: st: RE: Power calculation for Beta/Odds Ratios in logistic regressionmodels

From   Nico Hutter <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: Power calculation for Beta/Odds Ratios in logistic regressionmodels
Date   Wed, 15 Aug 2007 15:08:32 +0200

Thanks for the advice. We will try that.

Best wishes

Newson, Roger B schrieb:
One possibility is to use the -powercal- package, downloadable from SSC. In Stata, use the commands

ssc describe powercal
ssc install powercal, replace

to do this.

More about the use of -powercal- (including an application to logistic regression) can be found in the -powercal- manual (distributed with the -powercal-
package as an ancillary file), or in Newson (2004).

I hope this helps.

Best wishes



Newson R. Generalized power calculations for generalized linear models and more. The Stata Journal 2004; 4(4): 379-401. Download pre-publication draft from

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From: [] On Behalf Of Nico Hutter
Sent: 15 August 2007 13:49
Subject: st: Power calculation for Beta/Odds Ratios in logistic regression models

Hi everyone,

we would like to run a power calculation for beta-coefficients / odds ratios in logistic regression models with covariates.
Is such a procedure implemented in SATA?

Used command for the logistic regression model:
svy: logit depression age sex comorbidity, or

Data stems from a national representative survey. Dependent variable is depression. Comorbidity is dichotomised. Now, we are interested in the "post hoc" power of the odds ratio of comorbidity.

Can anybody give us some advice, please? Thanks in advance!

Nico Hutter, Dipl. Psych.
Abt. für Rehabilitationspsychologie und Psychotherapie
Institut für Psychologie Universität Freiburg
D-79085 Freiburg
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