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st: Update to -moremata- available from SSC

From   "Ben Jann" <>
To   statalist <>
Subject   st: Update to -moremata- available from SSC
Date   Thu, 9 Aug 2007 01:57:36 +0200

Thanks to Kit Baum, an update to the -moremata- package is available
from the SSC Archive. The -moremata- package contains various
additions to Mata. Stata 9 or higher is required.

To install the update, type

 . ssc install moremata, replace

or use the -adoupdate- command.


o New functions, written by Kit Baum, to compute the Cauchy-Lorentz
distribution are available: mm_cauchy(), mm_cauchyden(),
mm_cauchytail(), and mm_invcauchy().

o A precision problem occurred with mm_colrunsum() when summing
integers because the mean update formula was used. This is fixed (i.e.
mm_colrunsum() no longer uses the mean update formula). The results
from mm_colrunsum() are now identical to the results from official
runningsum(), which is available since Stata 10.

o The syntax of mm_ranks(), mm_relrank(), and mm_ecdf() changed. All
three functions have a new -mid- option to use midpoints and
mm_ranks() has a new -norm- option to return normalized results.

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