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Re: st: Binomial regression

From   Roger Harbord <>
Subject   Re: st: Binomial regression
Date   Sat, 04 Aug 2007 12:14:09 +0100

Thanks Bobby, very interesting.  Personally I'm particularly interested
in your mention that this is the result of similar work for the log link
- presumably a log/logit link? Is this available somewhere, or will it be?


Roberto G. Gutierrez, StataCorp LP wrote:
> Vince Wiggins and I responded on this thread yesterday, in which one of our
> main points was that forcing convergence when an identity link may not be
> appropriate results in a loss of model interpretation.  This is a case where
> not only is there no free lunch, but the exact price of that lunch is unclear.
> We mentioned various ways that convergence could be achieved.  One method I
> did not mention is the result of similar work I have done working with the log
> link function.  This method carries with it an ease of interpretation (akin to
> knowing the price of your lunch) and involves using a modified version of the
> identity link, something I call the "Identity/logit" link.
> <snip>

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