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st: RE: RE: -outreg2- in Stata 10

From   "roy wada" <>
Subject   st: RE: RE: -outreg2- in Stata 10
Date   Wed, 01 Aug 2007 13:58:08 -0700

Nick is correct that at least one verion of -outreg2- is missing a
version control statement in one of its subroutines. I was a little
preoccupied at the time, or at least that's my excuse for misisng

-version- has to be issued for every subroutine.

The lastest version of -outreg2- has this problem fixed. The
-replace- option is needed for a complete replacement to

. ssc install outreg2, replace

Someone at Stata Corp did warn me about the scheduled
disappearance of -index- command, which is how the omission
was first pointed out to me.

I always thought -index- sounded much better than -strpos-.
For some reason the newer commands just don't sound as
good as the older one. Weren't there some marketing scinence
for choosing the sexiest, brawnest names for everything?


Nick said:
It so happens that at least one subroutine
of -outreg2- lacks a -version- statement by a small accident. Thus the program is being run under Stata 10. My guess
is that it needs a -version 8.2- statement.
Richard said:
To clarify though: does the -version- command only apply to
the subroutine that contains it? i.e. you can't just say version
8.2 in the first routine, it needs to be in every subroutine as
well? I thought you just had to do it the first time, but apparently
that is not the case, you need to do it in every subroutine.
Manos said:
use auto
logit foreign turn weight trunk
mfx2, varlist(trunk) at(rep78=3) stub(test) mfx2, varlist(weight) at(rep78=3) stub(test2)
outreg2 [test_mfx test2_mfx] using test., replace excel

In Stata/SE 9.2 the above commands works fine.

Has the syntax changed for Stata/SE 10 or am I doing something wrong?
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