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st: problem with describe and r(varlist)

From   Daniel Becker <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: problem with describe and r(varlist)
Date   Mon, 27 Nov 2006 00:00:36 +0100

Dear list,

I am trying to loop over all names of variables in the memory. to prepare for that, I want to prepare a local that lists all my variables. I thought that r(varlist) stores them, but, as you see below, the "descibe, simple" commmand gives me all my variables, it stores only a subset in r(varlist).

Does anyone know why that happens?

Thanks for any hint,


#### from my do-file

describe, simple;
display r(varlist);
local AlleVariablen = r(varlist);
display "Im local AlleVariablen steht: " "`AlleVariablen'";

foreach x of local AlleVariablen {;
codebook `x',compact;
tabulate `x';

#### stata-output from the log
> describe, simple;
res_id B6 B15 B24 C5_1 E4_sonst F5_konkret
start B7 B16 B25 C5_2 E5 F6
ende B8 B16_andere B26 C5_3 E6 F6_konkret
A1 B9_1 B17 C1 D1 E7 F7
A2 B9_2 B17_sonst C2 D1_andere E8 F7_konkret
A2_sonst B10 B18 C3_1 D2 E9 G1
A3 B10_konkret B18_sonst C3_2 D3 E10 G2
A4 B11 B19 C3_3 D4 E10_andere G3
B1 B11_sonst B20 C3_4 E1 E11 A1_erstf
B2 B12 B20_konkret C4_1 E1_sonst F1 A1_zweitf
B3 B12_sonst B21 C4_2 E2 F2
B4 B13 B21_sonst C4_3 E2_konkret F3
B5 B13_mehr B22 C4_4 E3 F4
B5_sonst B14 B23 C4_5 E4 F5

display r(varlist);
res_id start ende A1 A2 A2_sonst A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B5_sonst B6 B7 B8 B9_1 B9_2 B10 B10_konkret B11 B11_son
> st B12 B12_sonst B13 B13_mehr B14 B15 B16 B16_andere B17 B17_sonst B18 B18_sonst B19 B20 B20_konkret B21 B2
> 1_sonst B22 B23 B24 B25 B26

#### the variables C1 ... D1 ... etc are missing in r(varlist)

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