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st: estount and xtmixed?

From   "Tiemann, Guido" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: estount and xtmixed?
Date   Wed, 15 Nov 2006 11:39:14 +0100

Hi all!

I would like to ask for some help regarding a problem with "estout" and
"xtmixed". I have estimated several multilevel models using "xtmixed",
and after that I have tried to export the resulting tables to LaTeX.
Unfortunately, displaying the random effects part was somewhat
problematic, as I was (1) not able to properly rename the equations
which refer to the different levels of my models (lns_1_1_1 etc.). In
addition, I would (2) like to include the standard deviations of the
random effects (just as they are produced in the xtmixed output), but
unfortunately I could only acquire their logs from the
variance-covariance matrix. Hence, is there any convenient way to make
estout present the original estimates?

Any help regarding these two questions would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards,

Guido Tiemann

Here is my "estout" syntax:

estout m1 m2 m3 m4 m5 m6 using "TAB1.tex", replace style(tex)
cells(b(star fmt(%9.2f)) se(par)) starlevels(^* .05 ^{**} .01 ^{***}
.001) stats(N r2 F aic bic rmse, labels("N" "R-squared" "F-Test" "AIC"
"BIC" "MSE")) prehead(\begin{table}[htbp] \small \centering
\caption{\label{TAB1}Tabelle} \begin{tabular}[t]{l*{@M}{d{6}}} \toprule)
posthead("\midrule") prefoot("\midrule") postfoot(\bottomrule
\end{tabular} \parbox{\textwidth}{\emph{Notes:}.}
label collabels(,none)
     eqlabels   (lnsig_e "Level 1, error (log.)"
                 lns1_1_1 "Level 2, RI (log.)"
                 lns1_1_2 "Level 2, RC1 (log.)"
                 lns1_1_3 "Level 2, RC2 (log.)"
                 lns2_1_1 "Level 3, RI (log.)")
     varlabels  (eb_LR "Left-Right"
                 eb_LR_2 "Left-Right (squared)"
                 _cons "Constant"
                 ) ;

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