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Re: Re: st: sq-module: sqom

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Subject   Re: Re: st: sq-module: sqom
Date   Fri, 10 Nov 2006 17:19:48 +0100

Dear Uli,

the same error message appears even if I open my datafile,

sqset stat id year

so, even no delimiter at all.

so, what I get is the listing of those variables that are not

statdetw not constant within actpsid
lab51 not constant within actpsid
wf not constant within actpsid
wr not constant within actpsid
Type "reshape error" for a listing of the problem observations.

obviously, education, age, weights are changing.. so...

. reshape error
(note: j = 1 2 3 4)
year is unique within actpsid and
all the "reshape xi" variables are constant within year;
there is no error with which "reshape error" can help.

Have no idea what it could be.


> ------------------------------

> Date: Wed, 8 Nov 2006 18:28:14 +0100
> From: Ulrich Kohler <>
> Subject: Re: st: sq-module: sqom

> Ekaterina Selezneva wrote:
>> I'm wondering whether I understand properly the mechanism underlying
>> --sqom-- command of the Sequence Analysis module.
>> For example, I use the following piece of code:
>> . sqset stat id year;
>> . sqom, subcost(subalb) name(om1) refseq(1100071027);
>> If I understand correctly, the procedure has nothing to do with other
>> variables existing in my dataset (for example, sex and age of
>> individuals, whose labour market careers I'm following).
>> At the same moment, I receive an error message "age not constant
>> within id" when persofming the --sqom-- command. Does it mean that the
>> procedure uses, in fact, all the other variables in dataset, or it's
>> me who is wrong? ;)

> This question refer to the -sq- package for sequence analysis available with
> - -ssc install sq-.

> What you report seems odd. The error message you mentioned is neither coded
> into -sqom-, nor into -sqset-. Error messages like those you mention here are
> typical for the -sqstat- commands (sqstattab1, sqstattab2, sqstattabsum,
> etc.).

> For now, the only explanation I have has to do with the delimiter. It seems
> that you use ";" as delimiter. Can you check out if there is a -sqstat*-
> command upstream, which missing it's delimiter?

> Uli

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> +49 (030) 25491-361

Best regards,

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