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st: RE: Re: attributable fraction

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: Re: attributable fraction
Date   Mon, 6 Nov 2006 10:18:13 -0000

No need for the Dr. 

This refers to -aflogit- by Tony Brady. 

If you delete those lines, then I guess you will 
suppress this action, but it's not my program 
and I can't be sure of any side-effects. 

In essence, the best advice here is to clone 
the program, rename it and change it according 
to your desires, and then take full responsibility 
for what you have done. 

Be aware of the following generic dialogue (often
overheard, as it were): 

"Hi! I liked your program, and changed it, but 
it no longer works." 

"Well, you shouldn't have done that then, 
should you?" 


Marc Campo

> Thanks Dr. Cox!!!  I appreciate your help in all of
> this.  I see what you mean about the code.  Can I just
> delete those three lines?
> I am unfamiliar with stata programming.  I am
> primarily an SPSS user - sacrilege around here - I
> know.

Marc Campo 

> > I have calculated several attributable fractions. 
> > When the AF comes up as negative however, Stata does
> > not display a standard error and confidence
> > interval. 

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