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st: RE: stgtcalc and stset in version 5

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: RE: stgtcalc and stset in version 5
Date   Fri, 3 Nov 2006 15:11:38 -0000

It may be that there is a much better up-to-date way of doing 
this, but I don't know. 

It may be that -stgtcalc- is calling very out-of-date -st- 
commands. Slapping -version- on is not going to fix that.

You could -set trace on- and see where the message is coming

Very likely, somebody needs to get inside. Neither Peter nor Patrick 
is a member of Statalist. Peter's current details 

Professor Peter Sasieni PhD 
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine (School of Medicine and Dentistry) 
[email protected] 
and if you are lucky he will have a more up-to-date version. 

[email protected] 

Val�rie Jooste
> Dear all,
> I have a problem using stgtcalc:
> In order to test Proportional Hazards assumption in a Cox 
> model, I would
> like to follow Patrick Royston and Peter Sasieni's suggestion
> ( and fit fractional
> polynomials to the local estimates of the regression 
> coefficients of the Cox
> model by using fracpoly after stgtcalc.
> I am using Stata9 and when I try to use stgtcalc as follows:
> ***
> stset time trtt
> stcox sex  agecateg2 agecateg3
> stgtcalc
> ***
> I get the following error message after typing stgtcalc:
> ***
> Data are st/Stata 6 and not st/Stata 5.
> You are running the old Stata 5 version of st.
> We provide it so that researchers may reproduce old analyses.
> If you do not mean to be running the old system, type
>        . version 6
> if you do mean to be running the old system, type
>        . version 5
>        stset ...                       fill in the dots with 
> old syntax)
> When you are done, type
>        . version 6
> r(119);
> ***
> I have tried
> ***
> version 5:stset time trtt
> version 5:stcox sex  agecateg2 agecateg3
> version 5:stgtcalc
> ***
> But I get exactly the same error message.
> I don't know how to stset in stata5 but in his example, P. 
> Royston and P
> Sasieni use the same stset I have used. Is it the data I must change?
> Otherwise, is there an adaptation of stgtcalc to stata9?

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