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st: stgtcalc and stset in version 5

From   Val�rie Jooste <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: stgtcalc and stset in version 5
Date   Fri, 3 Nov 2006 16:05:01 +0100

Dear all,
I have a problem using stgtcalc:
In order to test Proportional Hazards assumption in a Cox model, I would
like to follow Patrick Royston and Peter Sasieni's suggestion
( and fit fractional
polynomials to the local estimates of the regression coefficients of the Cox
model by using fracpoly after stgtcalc.
I am using Stata9 and when I try to use stgtcalc as follows:
stset time trtt
stcox sex  agecateg2 agecateg3

I get the following error message after typing stgtcalc:
Data are st/Stata 6 and not st/Stata 5.
You are running the old Stata 5 version of st.
We provide it so that researchers may reproduce old analyses.
If you do not mean to be running the old system, type

       . version 6

if you do mean to be running the old system, type

       . version 5
       stset ...                       fill in the dots with old syntax)

When you are done, type

       . version 6

I have tried
version 5:stset time trtt
version 5:stcox sex  agecateg2 agecateg3
version 5:stgtcalc

But I get exactly the same error message.
I don't know how to stset in stata5 but in his example, P. Royston and P
Sasieni use the same stset I have used. Is it the data I must change?
Otherwise, is there an adaptation of stgtcalc to stata9?
Thank you so much for your help

	Val�rie Jooste
	Registre des tumeurs digestives
	Recherche �pid�miologique et clinique en canc�rologie digestive
	Facult� de M�decine
	BP 87900
	21079 Dijon cedex
	Tel : +33- 380 39 33 25
	Fax : +33- 380 66 82 51

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